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CEO Message

Challenging the world with genuine technology,

We make the world's best photo printer.

No.1 Photo Printer at Prinics 

Prinics was established in 2005 in South Korea and has been supplying highest quality digital photo printers in worldwide. Prinics invented and developed many printer engines and cartridges with genuine technology.

We have over 50 applied and registered worldwide patents for our printers and consumables which makes our products the world’s most loved photo printers. 

Customer’s Choice: Prinics Photo Printer 

Prinics is becoming to be the leading company in the world. Voice of our customers is the most important thing to Prinics. It is our mission to design and develop products that anyone can enjoy and love. Through development of better-quality products and branding, we hope to become closer to all our customers. Prinics wishes to satisfy all our customers from beginning to the end. 

Kwang Ho Noh

CEO of Prinics

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