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This is Retro version of C300. It's design makes you happy and unique. Also, this All-in-One photo printer makes your moment special with high quality photo. So, if you want to view more information about this device, click here!


(This is KODAK C300. This is All new upgraded photo printer. You can take picture as well as print a photo at the same time. Don't you want to try this? Click here and see more.


Make a moment special with KODAK C210R! By using various filters, you can specialize your moment. Also, this portable device is very easy to carry on so it's always with you. Experience a whole new world with this device. It's all for you. Wanna see this? Click here 


Shot and Print at once. This model enable you to do this. With an advanced technology, you can make your home a photo studio. Also, there are many special function in it. To learn about this, Click here!


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